Jungle Style Pinball Review

By , on March 6, 2010

Jungle Style Pinball
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3 out of 5


  • Many secrets and bonuses to uncover.
  • Realistic sound effects.


  • Like most pinball, losing a ball down the side can be just due to bad luck.


Even if it's only one table, Gameprom made sure to jam it with enough content to keep any pinball player happy.

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From the company that brought you The Deep Pinball, and Wild West Pinball, comes another pinball game. Jungle Style Pinball takes players to an ancient jungle ruin that is frought with peril, but you might just escape with some treasure as you uncover the many secrets within.

Like Gameprom's previous pinball games, control of the flippers is acheived by tapping either the left or right side of the screen. You pull back the launcher to initially launch the ball, and you can shake the iphone to shake the table. This table is full of secrets, ranging from different balls, minigames, and opening different paths.

The table is quite complex, with a lot going on, and players can get confused as to what's happening during a game. The 3D is basic, but there is a lot of colour. The sounds are very nostalgic, with all the bumps and dings feeling like you're playing a pinball game is a smoke filled arcade. Music is minimal and unfortunately you cannot use your ipod while playing. The main table is all you get, but there is so much to uncover, it should keep your interest.

Gameprom make very good pinball games for the iphone. While this reviewer thinks Jungle Style is not one of their best, it's still a solid pinball game well worth the price. How much enjoyment you take from this game will ultimately depend on whether you're lucky at pinball or not.


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