Touch KO Review

By , on July 25, 2009

Touch KO
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4 out of 5


  • Detailed and well presented visuals.
  • Good sound effects and custom soundtrack options.


  • Controls can be slow to register and a little unresponsive.
  • Enemy AI and career mode is almost too easy.
  • No multiplayer options besides leaderboards.


Touch KO is an enjoyable punch-fest if that’s what you’re after, but not much else besides that. This game is not worth the current price.

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Touch KO is a boxing game that puts players in the gloves of an amateur boxer as you fight your way up the ranks towards a title belt. As you play through the career mode, you can train your fighter and customise his appearance, gear and stats in order to become the next dominant champion.

The game controls use both sides of the screen as punch buttons. Tap the screen to jab, flick inwards to hook and flick upwards to uppercut. These controls are simple for a boxing game and they do work. But sometimes punches and blocks seem slow to register, leaving play a little stinted. Movement is automatic, and so all the player needs to focus on is blocking, dodging and throwing punches in combinations for the win.

The visuals are well presented; any and all adjustments to your fighter can be seen clearly. The game’s soundtrack consists of a few songs, but players have the option to import songs from their iPod and make a custom playlist. There are no local or online multiplayer options, but players are able to post knock out scores to the worldwide leaderboard.

All in all, Touch KO is almost a little too simple. Fights seem too easy to win via KO or TKO and the controls are a little slow and sometimes unresponsive. These issues ultimately leave players with an enjoyable button mashing experience, but no real reason to come back for Round 2 or 3.


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