Mr. Bill Review

By , on September 27, 2010

Mr. Bill
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4 out of 5


  • Mr.Bill is 28 levels, two endless modes and a third on the way.
  • Cartoonish graphics to suit the Mr.Bill world.
  • Added challenges for those who find the game too easy.


  • Some levels can get seriously frustrating to retry again and again.


Mr.Bill is in trouble - again - and you can either help him to survive; help him to get a bonus; or watch him crash, burn and be devoured should you so wish it.

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Oh no! I can't believe that I never heard of this popular Saturday Night Sketch until recently and now my woeful lack of familiarity of 70-80's late-night sketch show trivia has let me down. Never mind, I'm sure I'll pick things up as I go as Mr.Bill from Capcom puts this pop culture creation in to his very own game.

And in typical fashion things aren't looking so good for Mr.Bill and his family as they try to deal with the poor job climate by taking up Sluggo's offer of working at a Circus and a Farm. Mr.Bill has been employed as a human cannonball at the circus and you'll need to keep him safe from all the dangerous hazards in your way before running out of energy to keep yourself afloat. It's a careful balance that will require precise timing and a few repeat attempts to get down pat, especially on later harder levels once you move over to Sluggo's farm.

Instead of going for a clay-mation style with the visuals, Capcom have simplified things with clean colorful cartoon designs that try to emulate the Mr.Bill world. And yes, many of the classic lines and themes of the Mr.Bill sketch have filtered their way in to the game, so even heathens like myself who have never experienced Mr.Bill before now can quickly catch up.

While 28 levels may not seem like a lot, surviving them can take some time to master and even once you're done there are special achievements that require far more finesse to complete as well. Coupled with two endless modes (and a third on the way), Mr.Bill is a great bargain and lots of fun to boot.


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