Devil Invasion Review

By , on March 19, 2010

Devil Invasion
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3 out of 5


  • Excellent use of gem matching.
  • Good upgrade system.


  • Game starts off rather slowly.


Fans of gem matching and castle defense will find a nice melding of the two in Devil Invasion.

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By now we've not only seen a slew of Bejeweled style games on the iphone, we've also seen games use Bejeweled as a mechanic for other types of gameplay. Devil Invasion is one of these games. Wrapping gem matching up in a castle defense coating, makes for a very interesting play.

At the start of each level you can assign three skills to your character (which can be bought and upgraded). These spells require mana which is collected by playing the match three game during the level. This match three game works on a hexagonal grid so there are six directions in which you can match up mana, attacks, and gold. Spells range from clearing the board of certain colours to explosives and magic missles.

Devil Invasion uses a very clean, colourful art style. The majority of the screen is taken up by the match board with only the top of the screen used to show the enemies' advances. The sound is adequete and ipod support is enabled. The game contains only the main mode, but there are three difficulty settings.

Devil Invasion is nothing really new or special, but it takes gem matching, slots it into a castle defense game with some good upgrades and makes sure everything is presented nicely and balanced. It could be very easy to become addicted to this title.


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