Galcon Labs Review

By , on October 2, 2009

Galcon Labs
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4 out of 5


  • Easy to use controls.
  • Multiple gameplay modes.
  • Online leader-boards.


  • Score-boards only available to multiplayer.
  • Too many difficulty levels.


With so many companies playing with the real-time Risk gameplay, it's hard to stand out. Galcon Labs goes for quantity and quality over too much experimentation and for many this could make it the ultimate package.

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Real-time Risk type games have become a bit of a hot design choice of late, but most end up feeling like a rehash of all the others while maybe only bringing one new mechanic to the table. Galcon Labs by unashamedly keeps the basic gameplay in tact and instead brings multiple game modes to trump others in the genre.

You control your virtual armies through touch controls that are easy to master. You can select or deselect planets you control and then assign them a target to launch their ever-growing armies at and (hopefully) take control of it. It's possible to change what percent of your forces launch from the planets by using a gauge at the bottom of the screen, but often fighting is too frantic to worry about it.

Other than the basic gameplay there are four other modes to enjoy: Billiards shifts the planets as you play; Stealth hides your opponents ships to obscure their attacks; Crash lets your ships fight with each other as they fly around; and Assassin gives players targets to annihilate before the opponent eliminates theirs. Scoreboards are only available to multiplayer games (which only consist of the four variant play modes).

Galcon Labs is a well presented and amazingly polished game that doesn't do anything special with the real-time Risk gameplay, but what it does bring is a full package. There's a gameplay type and difficulty to suit everyone, but they are ultimately fairly similar. A great game for on the go play.


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