ZoMbiE ciTy - ePIsoDe 2.1: HaLLowEEn in PANIC! Review

By , on August 23, 2009

ZoMbiE ciTy - ePIsoDe 2.1: HaLLowEEn in PANIC!
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2 out of 5


  • Players can retry levels they failed.
  • Good sound effects and music, with the option to use iPod.


  • The game’s upgrade system is overpriced and the amount of money earned from killing zombies is too little.
  • Controls could have been made simpler and easier to use.


This game may appeal to fans of tower defence games, but the lacking control scheme and steep upgrade system may put a damper on gameplay. This game may be worth the current price.

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Zombie City is a tower defence type shooter where players must defend their base from waves of zombie attacks. You also earn cash by killing zombies, allowing you to repair your base walls, buy grenades or buy new weapons.

The controls are simple. Flick the screen in the opposite direction you want to shoot. This makes some sense since your first and major weapon in the game is a bow and arrow. However, this means that you are constantly flicking and after a while can get quite tiresome on your hands or wrist.

The visuals are a little basic, and there is no diversity in zombies as they sport different colours only. The sound is very well done, adding a great apocalyptic feel through the music. Players also have the options to use their iPod music during gameplay. This is a single player game, but highscores can be submitted to a leaderboard system for all to see.

Zombie City is a game that due to certain gameplay elements puts it in a mixed genre category. It seems to be more of a ‘tap-fest’ game with a tower defence make-over than anything else. But besides that, the games few issues may deter players from the fun zombie killing action available.


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