Keep Defenders Review

By , on October 15, 2009

Keep Defenders
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4 out of 5


  • The mix of RTS and TD genres seems to work really well together.
  • The visual presentation is top notch and runs flawlessly.
  • The game features a number of different levels for each of the three environments, each with three varying difficulties.


  • The gameplay is a bit slower than you’d expect.
  • No online leaderboard options are currently available.


If you’re a fan of Real Time Strategies or Tower Defence games, Keep Defenders will provide you with something that catches your eye and keep you thoroughly entertained.

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Keep Defenders is a mix of Real Time Strategy and Tower Defence games all rolled into one. Players must effectively defend their keep from attacking soldiers but also need to position their troops, plan a defence and purchase new, stronger units. The game offers a single player campaign mode, consisting of three environments and a number of different maps.

Players control their units similar to an RTS, players click on a unit to select them and tap on the map to direct them. Players can also mass select and choose an aggressive or defensive stance for each unit. Players will also need to purchase additional troops by using gold earned from enemy kills. Players can select from three unit types but must unlock the other two through the campaign mode.

The polished cartoony visuals look fantastic and are surprisingly smooth and detailed. The sound features some great medieval tunes and sound effects but players cannot use their iPod during gameplay. While the game follows various campaigns, all local level highscores are displayed and tracked in menu.

Keep Defenders is a refreshing change to the often unchanged RTS or TD gameplay. While levels can be a little slower than expected as you wait for the next waves of enemies, players will need the extra time to buy and reposition more troops and plan a new defence strategy. Overall, Keep Defenders is a great mix of the dual genres without being too much of either to disappoint any diehard fans.


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