Pipe Mania Review

By , on July 9, 2009

Pipe Mania
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4 out of 5


  • Great graphics and a large selection of game modes.


  • No multiplayer functionality.


Pipe mania has successfully recreated an arcade classic. This port is great value for money and sure to have you entertained for hours.

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Pipe Mania is yet another rendition of the popular game Pipe Dreams. The player has different sections of pipe to choose from and must use them to contain the water as it travels from point A to point B. The longer the pipe the more points you will earn.

The controls system for this game work well. You tap to place a section of pipe and tap to destroy it if you happen to make a mistake, but doing so will deduct from your overall score. The creators of this game have ensured that the control system remain simple with this port, and if you do find difficulty with the controls then there is a tutorial in the menu.

This style of game has been redone over and over again and Pipe Mania seems to have it right. The graphics are well presented, and that alone sets it apart from many of the earlier The soundtrack and sound effects are reminiscent of the earlier versions of the game, and there is also the option to use your ipod during gameplay. There are four different game modes but each one must be unlocked by reaching goals. There is no multiplayer function which is unfortunate, however the single player mode still offers a lot to the player.

This port is a tribute the the original and has enough to keep you entertained. The lack of multiplayer may put some people off, but if you are a fan of Pipe Dream than Pipe Mania will definitely appeal to you.


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