Fox Vs Duck Review

By , on March 9, 2010

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3 out of 5


  • Elegant presentation.
  • Simple gameplay.


  • Having a duck get killed is a horrible feeling.
  • Control sensitivity needs tweaking.


Fox Vs Duck is a relaxing, simple game that will elicit both joy and horror. The fate of the ducklings is in your hands.

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Fresh off the heels of MiniSquadron, developer Mr.FungFung has released Fox vs. Duck. Instead of a plane, you play a paddling of ducklings. A hungry fox is circling your pond and you need to escape before the fish swimming around starts to get hungry. How many ducks can you save within the time limit?

Control is entirely tilt based. Each new duck appears in the middle of the pond and the calibration is then reset. The controls work but there are sensitivity issues. As the game progresses, more rocks and lily pads appear to block your path, but sometimes so do pellets, which give you extra time, speed, or a 1up.

The presentation is what makes this game stand out. A grayscale palette is used to good effect, with the characters themselves being made of simple shapes, and a red pool smearing the landscape when a duckling is killed. The sound and music is very serene and the presentation as a whole emits a zen like quality. The game contains two modes, survival and challenge, with access to OpenFeint leaderboards.

Fox Vs Duck is a very minimalist approach to game design. It's a very simple game with a clean art style and calming music, that can be fun to play once you get going. It won't be everyone's cup of tea, but it shows that Mr.FungFung can diversify quite substantially while still making good games.


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