TriDefense Review

By , on July 12, 2009

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4 out of 5


  • Well presented and simple interface.
  • The tera-forming mechanic can be fun if you plan ahead.


  • Tends to slow-down as more enemies and towers fire on screen.
  • Not a lot on offer for genre fans.


For those looking to try the genre, you could do a lot worse than TriDefense. It's a game that's packaged well and takes full advantage of the system, but doesn't really push any boundaries.

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Tower and castle defense is a genre that continues to explode on the iPhone thanks to its intuitive touch interface, so there's little room for any new games that bring nothing exciting or new to the genre. TriDefense by Kalio fails to be an outstanding product amongst others available on iTunes, but does bring a mechanic that may tip fans of the genre over.

TriDefense has learned well from its predecessors and has implemented a fairly fool-proof system of dropping, finalising and upgrading its towers. Maps can be zoomed in and out of with the pinch gesture allowing more fine-tuning of your tower placement which involves using a tap to place, a drag to position and a final tap to confirm. What makes this game truly interesting is the ability to tera-form the play field, essentially creating the maze for a particular map instead of being forced in to a set path.

There's not a lot going on visually here, it uses a popular gritty war-esque brown, grey and blue palette. A lot of the details in the artwork will unfortunately go unnoticed as you scramble to keep ahead of the swarm and spend most of your time zoomed out to keep a broader overview.

Genre fans may not find a lot they're after here. The ability to drive enemies through a purposefully designed maze may pique the interest of some, but the otherwise fairly standard gameplay makes it more suited to those getting their first taste of a tower defense game.


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