Amateur Surgeon Review

By , on July 1, 2009

Amateur Surgeon
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3 out of 5


  • The game has a great story, concept and delivery.
  • Responsive, fun sound effects for almost every action during surgery.
  • Well designed controls and control scheme make for immersive play.


  • This game contains extremely mature content and will not be suitable for those under age.
  • Player’s finger size can sometimes block the surgery guidelines when performing various actions.


This game is not to be taken seriously, but if you have a twisted sense of humour then you will love this game. If you are unsure about paying the moderate price for this game, ask yourself, how bad do you want to perform surgery with a pizza cutter and a stapler on a pool table?

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Amateur Surgeon is a gruesome strategy game that puts players behind the knife as a pizza delivery boy turned unlicensed and untrained surgeon performing surgeries under the watch of your new mentor, a disgraced, now junkie, surgeon. You learn the way of the knife, or more accurately, the pizza cutter as you use an array of improvised tools to perform complex operations.

The controls are a little complicated but easy to get the hang of after a few attempts. Touch the screen to choose a tool, slide your finger across the screen to make incisions and rub screen to cauterize wounds and apply gel. The only problem with the controls are that your fingers tend to block the guide lines of the surgery, causing you to double check that you’ve hit your mark.

The visuals are great, in a crude and bloody sense. The sounds are great and it’s always surprising when a patient screams when you try to staple a wound closed and miss. Whoops. This is a single player game, but players have the option to repeat levels for a better surgery grade.

If you’re into the idea of ‘back room surgery’, liked playing ‘Operation’ as a kid or just share the same sick and twisted idea of comedy that comes from [Adult Swim], then Amateur Surgeon is the game for you. The concept is great and the sound effects really drive home every tiny detail of the operations. The gameplay holds great replay value and is not only immersive, but complex and very intricate. It is surgery after all.


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