Uber Racer 3D - Sandstorm Review

By , on December 23, 2010

Uber Racer 3D - Sandstorm
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4 out of 5


  • Plenty of unlockable and upgradeable vehicles to use.
  • Unique traits for each car.
  • Semi-realistic physics.
  • Sharp 3D positional audio.
  • Simple pick-up and play controls.


  • No sensitivity options or alternate controls.
  • No 'catch up' AI; though practice rounds smooth out the difficulty.


Uber Racer 3D - Sandstorm isn't as fully featured as some larger titles, but for those after a solid racer that provides a great challenge and well designed courses without the 'realism', this is for you.

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Resources are depleted, oil's the most valuable thing on earth, currency useless, racers compete for oil - blah blah blah; I appreciate the effort on the story for Uber Racer 3D - Sandstorm by Mad Processor, but when an arcade racer is this rock solid all I need to know is where the accelerator is and why I'm not already flipping cars in to a ravine.

Much like any good Arcade Racer, you won't need to fuss around with gears or nonsense concepts like 'physics don't work that way' and once you're strapped in to your car all you need to do is jab the screen with a finger to 'go'. Tilting your iDevice translates in to steering in-game and sliding your finger up on the accelerator will trigger your 'boost' to gain that critical edge when it's needed. Vehicle handling can be quite tricky, especially as there's no sensitivity option for the tilting, however each of the game's unlockable cars feel quite different, giving advantages on some of the game's tracks, while being a burden on others.

Now, while I say 'physics don't work that way', I should clarify that Sandstorm is incredibly detailed in the physics it does use, resulting in cars that can feel floaty if you rise over a crest too quickly and your suspension hasn't kicked in or rolling your car if you hit an object while taking a corner at high speed. Each car and track feels tuned to provide an equal balance of risk and reward, allowing skilled drivers to really shine through.

Lastly, it's often understated, but a game's sound plays as much of a role in immersion as the controls, gameplay or story and being able to hear another driver sitting behind me thanks to 3D positional audio is fantastic. It's quite spooky to hear just how accurate the audio is and soon you'll find yourself unconsciously blocking off an opponent's path just to keep the razor-thin lead you have. Uber Racer 3D - Sandstorm is all about fun, fast and furious racing and it doesn't fail to deliver; a multiplayer mode feels like an obvious omission, however it's hard to complain when you're already having this much fun.


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