Archon:Conquest Review

By , on October 15, 2009

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1 out of 5


  • Online leaderboard access via Plus+.
  • Four different campaigns to choose from, two must be unlocked.
  • Added story modes are the new main feature, not just custom games like in Archon.


  • Poor combat gameplay.
  • Annoying game music with no option to use player’s iPod instead.
  • The campaigns are far too hard, as you’re severely outnumbered in almost every level.


Even diehard fans of the Archon franchise will have struggle with Archon: Conquest as the game is far too difficult and linear to be a worthwhile purchase.

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In 2008, Developer React Games bought the license to Archon and began work on Archon titles for the iPhone. The original 1983 game Archon: The Light and Dark, a chess style strategy game was already remade by developers and now the gameplay has been adapted and transferred with a new twist in Archon: Conquest.

In the game’s new story mode, you’ll find yourself on a large board and must eliminate all opposing enemy units. By tapping on a unit you can move them to a different square and, if you’re in range, attack another unit. Once you engage them, the gameplay will change into a small battle mini-game where you’ll try to kill your opponent. However, the controls aren’t the best and most times, a one or two hits from the enemy will kill you

While the game offers 4 different campaigns to play through, almost each mission is far too hard. The majority of the time, you’ll be severely outnumbered by enemy troops and when paired with poor combat controls, makes for some frustrating gameplay. Also, the game’s presentation is nothing to rave about and the games music track is assaulting and incredibly annoying.

Even if you’re a fan of the series, Archon: Conquest isn’t worth your time. Its unclear where the developer wanted to go with this game; the inclusion of a story and campaigns is fine but the steep game difficulty makes this a real hassle to play. You’re best alterative is to try the remake of original Archon, from the developer React Games.


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