Navy Patrol: Coastal Defense Review

By , on September 23, 2009

Navy Patrol: Advanced Premium
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2 out of 5


  • The game features some decent looking visuals.


  • There is one main mode with only two levels of play to choose from.
  • The game’s layout isn’t too user friendly and can be confusing.
  • The game tends to crash frequently.


Because of the game’s issues, Navy Patrol Coastal Defence is a ‘hit and sink’ title, and is not worth the current price.

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Navy Patrol Coastal Defence is the next addition to the slew of tower defence games for the iPhone. The game play is the same as what we’ve come to expect from tower defence games, players must protect their base by building and upgrading towers to stop the incoming enemy forces.

The controls are the usual tower placement click and drag formula but there are some new additions in the form of bonus attacks or effects, such as calling in a lightning storm to damage enemy ships. However, since the game minimises all the tower purchase windows automatically, you might be a little lost as to what to click on to bring them up again.

The visuals are very smooth and the water texture patterns are great. The sound is decent but players cannot use their iPod to compensate for the lack of music. The game features only one main mode and while there are leaderboard options, you will not be able to submit any highscores unless you have Wi-fi access.

While Navy Patrol does offer some fresh ideas, it still has a number of issues. Enemy ships are able to sail through rocks and other obstacles bypassing your defences, the game tends to crash quite frequently and the game interface isn’t as accessible as some other TD games out there. For the few things that the game does right, there are twice as many issues just waiting to frustrate and infuriate players.


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