Boxed In 2 Review

By , on October 30, 2009

Boxed In 2
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3 out of 5


  • Players are able to use their iPod during gameplay.
  • The game’s 50 levels will keep you busy for a while.
  • Players have two control schemes to choose from.


  • The visual presentation hasn’t changed since the first Boxed In game; is still quite simplistic.
  • No scoring system or leaderboard options to rank player skills.
  • The gameplay is quite slow; you might get bored playing it.


Boxed In 2 gives you some enjoyable gameplay but the appeal of the game might not as long as you’d like.

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Boxed In 2 is a puzzle game where players must get their small robot to the exit of each level by manoeuvring boxes and opening up different gates to clear a path. Players can only push boxes and it’s up to them to think out each move as they may need to restart the puzzle if they make a mistake.

You control your robot by flicking the iPhone screen in the direction you want him to move. Alternatively, you can turn on a d-pad option in the main menu instead. While players must be careful not to make any mistakes, they do have one undo move per level in case they do make a single error.

The visuals are quite simple but won’t take your breath away. The robotic and spacey soundtrack is well done but players can use their iPod as an alternative once they turn the game sound off. The game features 50 levels to work through but there is no scoring system. So once players finish all the levels, there are no options to repeat them for a better score or spot on the leaderboards.

Boxed In 2 is a decent puzzle game but has some room for improvement. The gameplay is challenging but without any type of scoring or leaderboard options is a little mundane. The gameplay is entertaining but you won’t find yourself dying to keep playing. But if you enjoy games like Crystal Cave Classic then you might enjoy what’s on offer in Boxed In 2.


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