Chimpact Review

By , on August 14, 2012

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3 out of 5


  • Lush jungle backdrop with great monkey animation.
  • Interesting additions to make levels interesting.


  • Finicky physics has you moving backwards as often as forward.
  • Lack of flow to the gameplay.


Chimpact has a clever title and some really nice visuals, but they unfortunately cannot hide the average gameplay here.

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OK. We all know that monkeys love bananas. Did you also know they apparently share our trait for greed when it comes to diamonds? The higher you go in the treetops, the more of these shiny gems are ripe for the taking. That's Chimpact in a nut shell... or should we say banana skin?

There are canopies in the canopy the can be flung with your finger to slingshot the simian through each level. Each stage has a linear path with a couple hidden areas ripe with bananas or gems. If you follow the arc of bananas with your slingshot, you should be right to travel, at least in the early stages. There are multiple instances where you have to make some quick moves to propel yourself to the next safe area. This would be a nice challenge if the physics weren't so wonky, especially when it comes to acceleration, or your chimp rolling down a tree branch so you can attempt to fling them up to the next level of trees. There's just too much friction, and so you find yourself either failing a fling or waiting too long to retry again.

The main mode is gem quest, where how well you do in each level is dictated by finding all the gems. Those looking for more can try the totem trails which will reward you with more bananas, which are the store's currency (the additional worlds in gem quest are locked behind gem quotas so can be accessed with enough play). The store features items which can help your play at decent enough prices, but the additional chimps must be bought through In-App Purchase to play with them.

Now the chimps and the jungles they inhabit are a highlight of the game, with a really striking and impressive 3d art style that is sure to delight, at least in the backgrounds. At the end of the level when you get a close up of the chimp just standing there... well things don't look as well as they did at a distance.

Chimpact could be a fun little flinger if some of its physics issues were worked out. The hunt for gems is always a driving force for chimp and man alike, and this universe will definitely delight younger gamers. Lovers of apes may be able to enjoy this despite the issues.


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