Cubik Review

By , on December 24, 2009

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4 out of 5


  • Strong memory game concept.
  • Players have access to their iPod during gameplay.
  • The game's controls are very easy to use.


  • The rate at which new squares are added is far too frequent, making the game quite hard.
  • The amount of points gained from sequences is quite low unless you can manage to memorise 7 or so colours in one go.
  • No online leaderboard options or in-depth highscore access.


While there are some minor issues, Cubik is a unique title and still worth a look at; especially if you love memory based puzzle games.

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Cubik is a memory based game where players must clear away a large cluster of coloured shapes by gathering points in order to do so. Players earn points by tapping out different coloured sequences shown on screen. Players have control of the length of each sequence and more points are awarded the longer it is.

Players tap and hold on the lower left hand button in order to be given the ‘Simon says’ style sequence and will have to tap out that sequence correctly once they let go. Your goal is to clear away all of the coloured squares and once players have collected 100 points they can smash a square of their choice. You’ll also need to manoeuvre the cluster by tilting your iPhone in order to reach the different coloured squares.

The 3D visuals look good but are a bit simple. The sound is limited to small beeps and chimes when you memorise the colour sequence and tap on squares but players are free to use their iPod during gameplay. Players will be able to play through one main game mode with a local stat board to keep track of highscores.

Cubik boasts a solid concept and a lot of potential that memory game fans will enjoy but it still needs adjustment. The rate at which new squares are added to the cluster is far too frequent, making the game exceedingly difficult; unless you’re able to memorise 6-7 colour sequences easily and rack up large point bonuses. These issues are only minor though and hopefully will be addressed with an update or two.


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