Harbor Havoc 3D Review

By , on December 9, 2009

Harbor Havoc 3D
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3 out of 5


  • Multi-level juggling gameplay – helicopters, ships and submarines.
  • The games 3D visuals look fantastic - very detailed and smooth.
  • Players have access to global leaderboard access and score options.


  • The gameplay sticks to the line drawing archetype closely.
  • Only three game levels to play through – with one unlockable level.


If simple line drawing games are your bread and butter then Harbour Havoc 3D is a worthwhile purchase. Otherwise you might want to check out a more involved title.

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Harbour Havoc 3D is a line drawing game where players must direct various ships to their appropriate destinations. Your goal is to successfully navigate as many ships and other vehicles as possible in order to max out your highscore, while avoiding any crashes. You’ll start off directing ships but soon will need to juggle submarines, helicopters and ships on three dimensions of play all at once.

The controls are very self explanatory; players tap on a ship and draw out a path for it to take. Players will have to match up different coloured ships to the same coloured ports and soon the harbour begins to fill with a myriad of panicked and clueless ships seeking your direction. If you’ve played any sort of line drawing game before, you’ll know what to expect.

The visuals are quite striking and are very well done as is the nautically themed sound-scape. Players are also able to spice up their game with any jaunty tunes they might have on their iPod, as there is full access during gameplay. Online leaderboards are also on offer to players with the option for unlocking a new level.

Harbour Havoc is an enjoyable title but besides the visual presentation there isn’t anything truly mind-blowing here. The multi platform gameplay is a lot of fun but the control and game mechanics themselves are strictly line-drawing 101. If you love line drawing games however, Harbour Havoc 3D is still worth your time and a look at.


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