Burn the Rope Review

By , on December 30, 2010

Burn the Rope
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4 out of 5


  • Unique zen-like puzzler style.
  • Challenging gameplay features for hardcore gamers to conquer.
  • Fun artistic style; great, funky soundtrack.


  • Requires full iDevice rotation; not recommended for iPads or risky drop locations.
  • No iTunes support.
  • Poor corner rotation detection/assistance.


Burn the Rope is a surprisingly addictive puzzler thanks to the easy to pick up gameplay and charming artistic style, though playing it on the go might be a bit risky depending on where you are.

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Burn the Rope by Big Blue Bubble fits in to the category of devilish puzzle titles that seems so simple on the surface, but so insanely difficult to master should you decide to go beyond merely passing each level with a bronze. All you have to do is to burn the rope based image as much as possible (hopefully burning it completely), however the major catch comes in trying to keep the flame burning upright while managing multiple burn points thanks to intersecting lines.

Thankfully the game is relatively lenient in so much that it allows you to keep flipping your iDevice to ensure a flame is given enough time to stay alive while other flames burn in the wrong direction, however gaining that elusive 'gold' 100% clear will require careful timing and positioning of the initial burn to succeed. It's not long before bugs are added in to the mix, changing the color of your flame depending on the bug you burn. This then plays in to the mechanics of the game as colored rope and bugs that can only be destroyed by the correct flame also start to crop up, making those perfect completions almost a fanciful dream only attainable by the most insanely dedicated of fans.

There are currently 80 levels to conquer (with 16 more on the way in the next update) and the patterns you'll have to conquer rapidly increase in difficulty, making bronze clears more than sufficiently satisfying (if a bit disappointing) to end each level. The background audio track is also surprisingly unique, incorporating funky tunes and beat-boxing that do a great job of keeping things in a light mood, though iTunes support is oddly absent for those who'd like to substitute in their own music.

Burn the Rope has a zen-like quality to the burning process that's capped off with a mild level of frustration as you quickly give up on the hope of reaching those higher achievements. Definitely worth grabbing if you're a fan of elegant puzzlers that require more dexterity than pure logic to survive.


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