Dark Harvest Review

By , on December 14, 2009

Dark Harvest
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4 out of 5


  • Players have access to their iPod during gameplay.
  • The game’s free floating physics engine helps to keep each level fresh.
  • Players have Facebook posting access as well as online leaderboards.


  • Once players finish the game, there is nothing left to do but play for a better local or global score.
  • The game has some bugs when it comes to groups of three or more same coloured gems not popping.
  • The game can get a little choppy or slow at times.


Some work is still needed but Dark Harvest is a game that could grow into an enjoyable bubble popper.

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Forget everything your mother told you. Vegetables aren’t good for you, they’re pure EVIL!!! Players take control of a wicked scarecrow who begins to amass an evil army of vegetables by growing them with toxic chemicals. You must group together three or more chemical balls of the same colour in order to clear them from the level and grow your leafy minions.

The gameplay is similar to games like Bust-a-Move as players must tap on the screen in the direction they wish to fire their coloured gems and gather up higher numbers of coloured gems for bonuses. You’ll also use a number of bonus gems that will clear away multiple gems or have another helpful effect.

The visuals are typical of other bubble popping style games but feature some nice lighting effects when you activate a power-up or bonus gem. The sound is quite spooky and atmospheric but players also have the option to use their iPod instead. The game features two main game modes; an adventure and a quick play mode. Both of which have global leaderboard and Facebook posting options.

Dark Harvest is an enjoyable bubble popping game but needs work in certain areas. The game tends to get a bit choppy when using your iPod and quite often, groups of three or more gems won’t pop when touching each other. Besides that however, Dark Harvest is a decent bubble popper that fans of the genre (and enemies of vegetables) will enjoy.


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