LUMINES™ - Touch Fusion Review

By , on September 25, 2009

LUMINES™ - Touch Fusion
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3 out of 5


  • In game store for skins/upgrades.
  • Unlockable arcade modes.


  • No alternate control options.


Although the sticky controls might mean the difference between a high score and a regular one, it's the gameplay that's ultimately the attraction for Lumines. This is still the hit game that was almost required part of anyone's PSP collection and now iPhone users can try it too.

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From its humble and somewhat exciting beginnings on the PSP, Lumines has now found a home on the iPhone. Interestingly, although major publisher Gameloft are producing ports of this rhythm-puzzle game to other mobile devices, the original developer Q Entertainment has taken charge of the iPhone port.

Gameplay is similar to a Tetris-style block-matching game with points being scored after a bar sweeps across the screen at a specific rhythm clearing away matching blocks. Combos are scored for multiple cleared matches and if subsequent matches are made before the next sweep the combo will continue to rise. The touch controls are not the best choice for a game that quickly requires more precise movement of the blocks, often feeling unresponsive and at times misinterpreting touches and drags causing blocks to be placed incorrectly.

Those familiar with the Lumines style will note that it's almost perfectly replicated for the iPhone. The sounds effects merge with the trance background music mix and the simple clean graphics are mixed with stylized special effects. For those after a new look to their game, it's possible to purchase skin packs via a built in store.

This is not the best version of Lumines available, but it still has the appeal that comes from its predecessors. As a match game it's exciting and frantic, though the controls can trip you up. This is definitely a professional conversion, though taking in to consideration the iPhone more would have made it perfect.


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