Brothers In Arms® Hour of Heroes Review

By , on January 3, 2010

Brothers In Arms® Hour of Heroes
  • Publisher: Gameloft
  • Genre: Action
  • Released: 2 Dec, 2008
  • Size: 87.8 MB
  • Price: $6.99
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3 out of 5


  • Players are able to drive tanks and jeeps as well as fight on foot.
  • Stunning 3D gameplay.
  • Offers players 13 missions in 3 campaigns.


  • Controls can be unresponsive at times.
  • Dialogue can disappear too fast and player can miss out on vital information.


Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes is an excellent third person shooter for those who are new to the genre but tends to fall short for those who are familiar with the series, and will leave fans feeling a bit disappointed.

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Players prepare for war and enter the battlefield with Gameloft's latest Brothers in Arms offshoot, Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes (referred to as BiA:HoH). Based on the popular PC/Console series, BiA:HoH is a 3D third person shooter where you become a soldier of the 101st Airborne who has been recruited to fight against the Nazi Germany war machine.

The default controls for the game are easy enough to use however there are three schemes available for players to choose from. The game makes use of a virtual directional pad for movement and action buttons for firing and using special weapons such as grenades, sniper rifles etc. Players are able to look around in the game by sliding their finger across the screen in the direction they wish to see, and to aim their weapons players must double tap the screen and pinch to zoom in and out. Actions such as jumping and ducking for cover are handled automatically by the game.

The graphics for this game are excellent and almost comparative with earlier Playstation titles. Both the sound effects and soundtrack for this game are impressive and enhance the overall feel for the game. Players can also adjust the volume and sound effect levels but currently are unable to play their own iTunes library in the background.

Players new to the BiA franchise will find this latest edition very enjoyable however fans who are already familiar with the series will be left feeling a little disappointed as the game fails to deliver on the tactical layer for which the series is known for.


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