Electric Tentacle Review

By , on October 2, 2012

Electric Tentacle
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4 out of 5


  • Unique control scheme.
  • Good balance between star collection and the prices of items in the shop.
  • Catchy music.


  • Control over your pandas is a little too left to chance.


One of the more unique 'how far can you travel' high score games to hit the app store, wrapped in solid presentation and a great balance between shop prices and currency collection.

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Sometimes you feel ridiculous repeating the premises of some iPhone titles, but at least a lot of them seem to make sense, at least in their own strange universe. With Electric Tentacle, even its universe is an oddity. Animals shrunk to microscopic size, using electricity to travel through the highways and bi-ways of where ever you've been stuck, trying to escape the evil nanomachines. Keep in mind that this is a high score game based around seeing how far you can get before you head to the in-game shop to purchase upgrades with all the stars you've collected, only to try all over again.

Now the control scheme is a unique one, but remember that unique doesn't always mean good. Your pandas travel by electric current which is activated by touching the screen. The panda will then move towards that direction, and the further it has to travel, the more it will accelerate. Things get even hairier when you pick up another panda for the ride (and if two wasn't psychotic enough, try three)! Then the electric current travels in-between the pandas as well, and if you're not careful you'll lose one careening off the left or right of the screen. It's kind of like when you get multi-ball in a game of pinball and then immediately lose track of all your extra help. The trick to controlling your panda is a slow and subtle approach, of course to continue the pinball metaphor, once your pathways get tighter and tighter as the game goes on, you'll be bouncing off the ceiling and floor, and right into an enemy if not careful.

Throughout the experience, you'll be collecting stars that are used to upgrade your abilities and power-ups in the shop, but luckily you'll never be at want for currency through a nice balance of mission rewards, bonuses, and pricing.

With vibrant colors and a single if not fairly infectious backing track, Electric Tentacle is a lot of fun. The controls can be annoying but it's more due to the random nature of the levels, and the overwhelming feeling you get when more than one panda is introduced than any real problem with the design. Those looking for a new ad break game to pass the time would do well to give this a try.


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