Bird Strike - GOLD EDITION Review

By , on January 14, 2010

Bird Strike - GOLD EDITION
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4 out of 5


  • Crisp visuals.
  • Levels have puzzle elements.


  • Progress can be based on luck.
  • No online leaderboards.


Amongst the myriad of Doodle Jump clones, Bird Strike does its own thing, and does it quite well.

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Poor little bird, all he wants is some seed. In Bird Strike, you must guide Gerald as he uses the power of rockets to launch himself further and further into the atmosphere, but what goes up must eventually come down.

To initially launch Gerald off his perch you pull back the power lines. After that, it's a simple affair of tilting the iphone to move Gerald left and right, avoiding obstacles, and collecting seed. When Gerald reaches a certain height, a UFO will zap him, sending him crashing to the ground turning the game on its head as you smash through all the obstacles you avoided on the way up.

Graphically Bird Strike is very competent, sporting good colour and pleasing backgrounds. The sound effects are amusing but the only music is in the menu, however players can substitute their ipod if they wish. The game contains nine levels with gold medals to acquire on each, as well as a local highscore board.

Bird Strike is a fun little time waster. Rather than just a high score grab, each level is finite and contains puzzle elements. If you're looking for a new Doodle Jump or Sheep Launcher, this could be it.


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