Enviro-Bear 2010 Review

By , on January 13, 2010

Enviro-Bear 2010
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3 out of 5


  • A totally unique and original concept.
  • This is a great game for a laugh.


  • The game is very hard to control.
  • The game’s visuals are confronting and crude.
  • There’s only one main mode to play through.


Enviro-Bear 2010’s strengths lie in its weaknesses. It might be a frustrating and bizarre ride, but it’s definitely an enjoyable one.

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If you’ve ever purchased or looked at a game from the App store and thought to yourself ‘Wow, this is pretty weird’, then get ready for what I can only describe as a National Geographic acid trip. Enviro-Bear 2010 puts players in control of a car driving bear as he must drive around the forest, eating fish and berries to fatten up before winter comes.

With no explanation beyond that, players are thrown into the deep end and must work out how to drive your bear around and everything else. Players control the bears paw and must tap and drag on various parts on the car to use them. In order to collect fish and berries, you have to drive into a lake or bush respectively.

The title screen is quite deceptive in the mad scribbling visuals that await players once they begin the game. The game's sound is minimal with the more dramatic of sound effects being louder to rattle players. There is only one game mode to play through but it will take you a few tries to figure out what you can actually do with the game.

Enviro-Bear 2010 is not a game to be taken seriously. Players must appreciate the far fetched insanity and poor quality of the game as they would a direct to DVD Steven Seagal movie. While the game may be hard to control, vague and confusing, it’s a laughable experience that you’ll likely share with friends and one that you’ll remember for a long time.


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