N.Y.Zombies Review

By , on April 14, 2010

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4 out of 5


  • Strategic 'shooter' mechanics.
  • Character upgrades for customizable gameplay.
  • Zombies feel scary again.


  • Where do those survivors go?
  • Cheesy story moments.


N.Y.Zombies varied levels keep a simple idea compelling right to the end while zombies slowly, but surely work their way back in to your nightmares.

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I have to admit, N.Y.Zombies has taken me by surprise. What looked on the surface to be a half-realized zombie shooting gallery turned out to be so compelling that I'm now behind on today's work. Foursaken Media's first entry for the iPhone may be using a tiring premise, but with gameplay this good I'd even be happy defending myself against 'sparkling vampires'.

N.Y.Zombies is essentially a 360-degree shooting gallery and has seen various incarnations on the App Store already. Aiming is performed by swiping around the screen, while firing requires basic tapping. Certain guns can use a zoom function by pinching the screen, but unless your immediate area is clear this can be a risky move. Multiple slots are available for items including health packs and alternate weapons that can reload while another gun is equipped.

The game's environments are extremely blocky, but clever texturing and lighting keep the game from looking incomplete. As a result, some of the zombies do end up looking more weird than scary, however you'll quickly change your mind about them once they're eating your face off. OS 3.0 support for playlists is available, but the game's music is atmospheric and well worth keeping on. Upgrades between levels also give you a chance to choose just how you want to dispatch the horde as you progress.

Despite any grievances you might have with the glut of zombie games available, N.Y.Zombies is a game that's well worth trying.


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