Dead Stop™ Review

By , on October 9, 2012

Dead Stop™
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4 out of 5


  • Star system linked to buying coins and power-ups.
  • Solid TD gameplay.


  • A little slow paced.


If you like Tower Defense, and you like zombies, Dead Stop is a very competent entry in the genre.

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Dead Stop is a combination of two overplayed elements of the App Store. The first is the use of zombies, and the second is creating a game type similar to that of a very popular title. In the second case, the tower defense genre has waned in popularity the last couple of years, and if a game is good, who cares if it uses the undead? Dead Stop has these rationales working in its favor, delivering a solid TD experience that happens to feature zombies as its main antagonizers.

The zombie apocalypse has happened and as a mad scientist, you are tasked with using your crazy contraptions to exterminate the zombies as they shamble towards hoarded and cowering survivors. These contraptions are your towers, and as the zombies amble along their predetermined path, the towers will eradicate the waves which will field money, which in turn allows you to place more towers, and upgrade existing ones; it's tower defense 101. Oh yes, things are shaken up a little by having your towers focus on destroying debris for rewards, or random power-ups and coins dropping out of downed zombies, or even the ability to boost your lives, money, or power-ups with the stars you win by completing a level, but at its core it's standard well balanced tower defense, and this is in no way a criticism of the game by any length.

What's more, a lot of the towers and traps are interesting such as multi-directional shooters, or bear traps that have one use before they need to be re-purchased and replaced. All this is wrapped up in a colorful presentation that's easy to read and adds to the ease of play.

It all comes down to preference. Dead Stop doesn't reinvent the genre, but makes do with delivering a very solid and enjoyable experience within it. If you haven't played a TD game in a while, this might be a good release to jump back in with. After all, how many games allow you to rain down lightning on not only overweight zombies, but those dressed like punk rockers as well? Not that this information should sway a potential purchase in anyway whatsoever.


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