Grow Away! Review

By , on October 9, 2012

Grow Away!
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3 out of 5


  • Super-cute characters and colorful world; limited framerate/animations does temper this somewhat.
  • Castle defense meets Angry Birds gameplay; incredibly easy to pick up and play.
  • Fun mix of 'alternate' characters to try out and master.


  • While not too pricey, there's little incentive to use items as often as you'd like, making the game feel incredibly repetitive.


Grow Away! suffers for its generally repetitive task of gunning down enemies, but the variety of enemies; boss fights; and 'companion' vegetables to explore and use make for a strangely addicting experience.

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The rodents and pests of the world have run out of junk food to eat, so now they're after the plants and vegetables. What's a tomato to do? Taking a page out of the Angry Bird playbook they jump in to a slingshot and fire themselves - kamikaze style - in to the waves of creatures headed for their barricade. Grow Away! by Soco Soft is a disturbing concept when you break it down, but seeing as it's all colorful explosions and cute faces, I guess we can let that tid-bit slide.

Essentially the game plays out like another twist on the Castle Defense concept, placing you at the bottom of the screen with a never-ending stream of tomatoes to throw at the oncoming horde. You'll eventually unlock companions, taking up to three at a time with you in to the stages, with each one packing a unique 'shot' that can be used to thin-out or distract the enemies from their objective.

Items also make a showing, though these are in limited supply and will need to either be earned directly or by purchasing them from a store (no prizes for guessing that money is also available via IAP).

Despite the somewhat slow beginning, Grow Away! soon makes for a serious challenge as you need to learn to hold your fire long enough to get the most out of your shot, be it from the 'rage' bonus damage or from sniping that one last enemy that appears at the top of the screen.

If anything the experience eventually become repetitive, relying too heavily on the basic combat to see you through each level. As such Grow Away! is a great game to play in short bursts, and you may keep coming back for more, but its lasting appeal is low.


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