R.O.S.M ( Revenge of the Summon Monsters ) Review

By , on April 16, 2010

R.O.S.M ( Revenge of the Summon Monsters )
  • Publisher: Varshia
  • Genre: Action
  • Released: 15 Apr, 2010
  • Size: 27.4 MB
  • Price: $0.99
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4 out of 5


  • Unique spell-based castle-defense gameplay.
  • Simple, cute designs.
  • Balanced difficulty progression.


  • Slow pacing.
  • Repetitive after longer sessions.


While Revenge of the Summon Monsters isn't necessarily revolutionary, its combination of castle-defense upgrade gameplay with tower-defense monster waves gives everyone something to enjoy.

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At first glance, Revenge of the Summon Monsters (ROSM) looks like another typical castle-defense game. Monsters walk in, while you upgrade your defenses to prevent them from destroying your castle. However, ROSM combines the classic castle-defense mechanics with regular tower-defense style monster pathing to come up with something that's new while being familiar to fans of each genre.

Summoned monsters of the realm have decided to rise up against those who have enslaved them and being the local wizard it's your job to fling magic in their faces. Each spell type has three tiers of power, with each level using a different method to deploy its deadly payload. Tier one spells are flung at enemies by flicking at them. Tier two drops pools of fire, ice or lightning at their feet by touching them directly. And tier three summons elemental beasts after holding your finger on the screen for a set period of time.

Sadly there's no way to speed up the gameplay, which can get frustrating when you're waiting for the next wave to arrive. Simplistic 3D models are combined with textures to create environments that are full of life and could almost pass for hand-drawn 2D backgrounds. No audio options are available and without iTunes support you'll either need to get used to the repetitive music or go without sound altogether.

ROSM is a great new game for castle or tower defense fans, but it can be a bit slow for those used to typical flick or archery based games.


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