SurrounDEAD - EP3: Barrels go BOOM! Review

By , on July 13, 2009

SurrounDEAD - EP3: Barrels go BOOM!
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3 out of 5


  • Multiple control schemes.
  • Lenient firing controls.


  • Limited gameplay.
  • Poor graphics.


Handheld Games have been updating their app with new features and each revision has attempted to fine tune the gameplay for added fun. You'll probably eventually opt to use the slide button, but SurrounDEAD is fun no matter how you play it.

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Have you ever pondered how you'd manage as a lone survivor against an ever increasing horde of incoming zombies while deciding to camp out in the middle of a road? Then SurrounDEAD has you covered, but even for those without such an elaborate fantasy this app by Handheld Games still remains an enjoyable rail shooter.

You'll have three options of moving your character around 360 degrees, either by tilting, using a slide button or for those with a 3GS you can literally turn around using the compass for more immersion. Tapping the screen will result in dead(er) zombies and the accuracy of the shots are compensated for long distance shots by giving them a small error-margin.

SurrounDEAD won't win any prizes for being aesthetically pleasing, but what they forgo in slick presentation they make up for by cleverly keeping the interface informative and the gameplay simple. You can use a map in the corner to keep track of zombies that are out of sight and the ammo gauge is easy to see.

Shooters, especially first person ones are generally hard to like, but despite the somewhat ugly 3D graphics, SurrounDEAD has a heart of gold that will quickly overwhelm you. It may not be perfect, but it is fun to whip out.


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