California Gold Rush Review

By , on July 1, 2009

California Gold Rush
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4 out of 5


  • Interesting gameplay.
  • Plenty of powerups.


  • Music apt to get on your nerves.


A fun game with an interesting system of managing your stamina vs your gold. Not for everyone, but that's why there's a demo.

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California Gold Rush is a mining based strategic platformer. You play as Mandy, a young girl skilled at mining, eager to claim fame and fortune. Each level has a gold quota that you have to reach. By mining you discover gold that you either is spent on powerups or towards your goal. Every action costs stamina however, so at times you have to weigh up your greed against your better judgment.

The touch screen is utilized to good effect here. To move Mandy, touch an area on screen and she shall move there. To dig, touch the area you wish to burrow through. Powerups can be bought at the store where Mandy turns in her gold, and are easily accessed by touching the powerup menu on the side of the screen. These powerups range from dynamite to blow chucks of earth away, to supports that prevent the mines from caving in on you.

Visually and aurally the game is competent, but there's nothing special worth mentioning. Aside from the main story mode, there's a gold rush mode that is timed, where treasure extends your stamina and the clock. As you play, you unlock history lessons about the California gold rush, which is unique as unlockables in games go.

California Gold Rush is a game for those who enjoy a strategic slant to their platformers. Having to manage your gold and stamina levels and deciding what powerups to buy keeps things fresh and fun as you traverse through the game. It's worth a look.


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