Riven: The Sequel to Myst Review

By , on January 6, 2011

Riven (iPhone version)
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4 out of 5


  • Huge, complex world brimming with intelligent puzzles.
  • Hint system in place; still requires logic solving skills.
  • Easy to use navigation; customizable settings for faster screen switching.


  • Graphics noticeably diminished due to compression.
  • 'Zoom' feature can be more annoying than helpful.


Myst was, by comparison, only a small taste of what was to come in the sequel 'Riven' and now gamers can explore complex world filled with wonder and betrayal no matter where they are.

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A word of caution in two-parts before we jump in to this review. Firstly, yes, this is a 1GB file and given the vague outcries of other weighty titles I thought I should point this out. Secondly, if you couldn't stand the puzzles in Myst you should probably turn back now; Riven only gets harder and more obtuse, so if the slow pacing was too much before, it'll absolutely break you in this release.

If you're still with me, then congratulations, you have the opportunity of playing perhaps one of the most immersive, interactive experiences to have been unleashed upon gamers from the 90s. Riven picks up where Myst left off as players attempt to escape the novel-bound worlds (or 'linking books') created by the self-styled 'god' Gehn and his somewhat less insane son, Atrus. Much like the original title, players navigate through pre-rendered scenes by tapping or swiping the screen (double-tapping or pinching to zoom), interacting with the many puzzles left in each world to protect its secrets and to keep the less savory of its inhabitants locked away.

A lot of compression has been required in order to crush the original five CD-worth of data to a mere 1GB and it's quite easy to see the loss of quality, especially during video sequences. This, however, is a minor concern and the game is still a marvelous combination of visual and aural feats that work together to create the intriguing alien landscapes.

For those who haven't already played Riven (or can't remember it completely), a hint system is also in place to help highlight important features. Just don't take this as a free-ride as you'll still need to use your own noggin' to solve the mysteries packed inside Riven.

For many, the Myst series has resulted in a love/hate relationship that persists to this day, but if you missed out on Riven the first time through this is an easy game to recommend as long as you don't mind a bit of careful thinking.


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