Glow Hockey 2 Review

By , on February 8, 2010

Glow Hockey 2
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3 out of 5


  • Polished design
  • Smooth controls


  • No bluetooth multiplayer


Glow Hockey is a simple, polished, Air Hockey title that is fun to play with friends who may not own the game or an iPhone, but lacks Bluetooth support for those who do.

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If you were to blend Air Hockey with the neon glow of Las Vegas, the resulting smoothie would come out looking somewhat like Glow Hockey. Glow Hockey is a simple Air Hockey game for the iPhone that replaces the table, puck and sticks with neon glowing counterparts.

As per other Air Hockey games, you control your stick with your finger and simply drag it to hit the puck when it enters your side of the table. There's nothing outlandish or different, but the controls are simple and responsive as they should be for reaction based games.

Visually, the game is very fluid and as the name suggests, everything glows! There are some pretty particle effects when the puck collides with the walls, but other than that the game is fairly simple in its design. With basic sound effects, the game doesn't offer any music but allows you to play your iPod while playing.

Glow Hockey has a chapionship mode that allows you to compete against levels of computer controlled opponents that get harder as you go. Alternatively, you can play a 2 player match against a friend, but only on the same iPhone.

Overall, Glow Hockey is a solid, smooth Air Hockey title and what it lacks in Bluetooth multiplayer capability, it makes up for in neon glow!


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