3D Mini Golf Challenge Review

By , on February 13, 2010

3D Mini Golf Challenge
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3 out of 5


  • Simple controls.
  • Fun, polished 3D visuals.
  • Plenty of challenges.


  • No freeplay mode.
  • No multiplayer.


3D Mini Golf is a visually impressive, fun game with varying challenges to keep you entertained.

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If you're into mini golf, 3D Mini Golf is on par to be a hit. The game takes you through various themed courses providing challenges you must meet in order to advance.

The game is controlled by moving your finger in the direction you wish to swing and sliding down from the ball to set your hit power. You can also rotate the camera to have a look around the hole by sliding your finger around the viewport.

Visually, the game has a cute 3D interface which is well suited to the style of the game and the 3D visuals help you to see all the obstacles around the holes. The game features appropriately themed music for each course but gives you the option to use your iPod if you wish.

3D Mini Golf is based around the different challenges you undertake ranging from timed mode, to hole-in-1 challenges to simply beating a computer controlled opponent. The more challenges you complete, the more points you score and the more challenges and courses you unlock. However, there is no option for multiplayer, either online or on a single device, which means you'll be playing this game solo.

With plenty of challenges and a well polished design, 3D Mini Golf is a fun title especially for fans of mini golf. The courses are well designed and challenging, but lack the option for a freeplay mode.


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