Plants vs. Zombies Review

By , on February 15, 2010

Plants vs. Zombies
  • Publisher: PopCap
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Released: 15 Feb, 2010
  • Size: 100.5 MB
  • Price: $0.99
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5 out of 5


  • An almost perfect port of the PC title.
  • Beautiful presentation.
  • Very addictive.


  • Not as many extra modes as the PC version.


If the thought of a portable Plants vs Zombies appeals to you, or you just enjoy well made, fun, addictive games, this one is worth your time and money.

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Popcap is known for some very popular addictive titles and has had some great success in porting these to the iphone. Now, just short of a year of its PC release, the cutesy tower defense game Plants vs. Zombies is now available on this mobile device. There is a pack of zombies roaming the neighbourhood and as a local homeowner, you must use the power of your garden (and the help of Crazy Dave) to repel the undead horde.

Control is fantastic. Every action is a touch away, and even when things get intense, there's no accidental placements of plants on the grid. As with the PC game, you need sunlight to grow your plants, either from sunflowers, or up above. Other plants are on cooldown timers, but once they're available and you have the necessary amount of sunlight, you can place them on the grid. At the end of every level you recieve a new plant to play with, so there's always new strategies to try out.

The plants and zombies themselves are visually represented by a crisp, vibrant cartoon style, and are often quite humourous. The sound is decent and the music catchy and appropriate. The main campaign is fifty levels with lots of variation, and once you finish there is an almanac, and a quick play mode.

While not as chock full of content as the PC release, Plants vs Zombies is a fun, addictive game that should entertain both casual and dedicated iphone gamers.


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