Arodius - A Dual-Stick Shooter with Plentiful Power-Ups Review

By , on February 16, 2010

Arodius - A Dual-Stick Shooter with Plentiful Power-Ups
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4 out of 5


  • Simple gameplay flawlessly executed.
  • Detailed 2D and background artwork.


  • A lot of time required to access more difficult gameplay.
  • Some artwork is entirely unnecessary.


Arodius is a great twin-stick shooter that long time fans and new comers to the genre will enjoy.

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Sure, you could draw a parallel between the name Arodius and classic arcade shooter Gradius, but you'd be leading yourself astray. Despite some similarities to arcade shooters this latest release from Mobile Force is a great twin-stick shooter that's just begging to be your favorite.

There are no strange controls to be had with Arodius as it sticks to the usual left-stick to move and right-stick to fire controls. A special weapon button appears at the bottom of the screen once you've gained enough energy and is easy enough to quickly fire off. Movement is quick and perfectly responsive, though special moves interrupt firing and at times requires retouching to start firing again.

The 2D sprite artwork is extremely detailed and at times fairly creepy to behold. Combat is fast paced and there are plenty of power-ups to deck out your character with so you'll be too busy to notice the lack of real animations for enemies. Extra artwork is unlocked as worlds are completed, some of which is fairly adult orientated so the rare 17+ age rating is definitely warranted.

Arodius is a great blend of gameplay elements and even if it isn't unique it's still beautifully executed. Gameplay is fast and bite-sized with scaling difficulty that you can unlock as you get better. If you can put aside the more adult artwork it's a great twin-stick shooter that will keep casual and hardcore fans happy.


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