Aurora Feint 3 iPad Review

By , on April 14, 2010

Aurora Feint 3
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3 out of 5


  • Lovingly detailed artwork.
  • Fast paced match-3 gameplay.


  • Lots of downtime with nothing to do but practice.
  • RPG mechanics seem out of place with no purpose.


Aurora Feint 3 feels like the first steps in to a much larger world, but until the door to that richer experience opens up this is more of a mini-game than anything else.

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If your idea of fun involves trudging around and getting involved in random match-3 based puzzles, then you might find Aurora Feint 3 to be right up your alley. That is - of course - only if that's all you're interested in. As a continuation of their popular series and Danielle Cassley and Jason Citron's first release for the iPad, Aurora Feint 3's beauty only goes skin deep.

Much like the previous titles, battling opponents is performed using their unique match-3 system. Tiles can be moved as far as you want horizontally, but can't be moved up or down. Pesky vertical matches can be removed by tilting the screen, allowing blocks to fall down accordingly. However, after a while the constant need to rotate the iPad can be cumbersome.

There's no arguing that Aurora Feint 3 is beautiful. The artwork is gloriously high detail and sits on a level similar to games like Gyromancer by PopCap and Square Enix. Sadly the game's inclusion of RPG elements like 'levelling' doesn't seem to be fully realized, with no real payoff to levelling other than giving more damage and more health to fight the slowly rising level of enemies. OpenFeint is supported and friends can be used to help fight opponents, but this feels like more of an after-thought than something useful.

Compared to the previous titles, Aurora Feint 3 just lacks the depth of gameplay to hold your interest. For a free game this is certainly a pretty way to demonstrate the iPad's resolution, but further updates are needed to justify spending any money in game.


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