Geometry Wars™: Touch Review

By , on June 24, 2010

Geometry Wars™: Touch
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4 out of 5


  • Vibrant classic neon eye-candy visuals.
  • Thumping electro soundtrack.
  • Gameplay that still defines the genre.
  • Multiplayer modes galore.


  • Controls reduce visibility.
  • Highscores slow to update.


Geometry Wars: Touch is well worth grabbing for fans of the series, especially if you own an iPad, but reduced visibility can turn up the challenge meter earlier than you might be used to.

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Plenty of other developers have taken a crack at trying to recapture the magic of Geometry Wars and some have certainly come close, but nothing quite manages to come close as the real thing. Now you can play it almost anywhere thanks to a recent update from Activision that added native support for the iPhone as well.

There are a couple options for controlling your ship, with the traditional twin-analogue setup being the most obvious addition along with the choice of using single-stick shoot and move controls for the left or right side of the screen. Triggering your bomb can also be set up in several ways, with double-tapping being the default and two other button based options also being available. All of the classic modes including popular variants like King, Pacisfism and Sequence are unlockable, while a unique iDevice exclusive mode (Titans) pits you against giant versions of various enemies.

Everything that you've come to expect of the franchise is bundled in to this release and its signature hyper-neon line art hasn't changed. There are a variety of hot electronic tracks to enjoy, but iTunes is supported as well. However, one frustrating aspect of playing the game on the smaller screen is the lost screen space from the use of your thumbs, making it easy to dive right in to an enemy you didn't see spawning.

Geometry Wars: Touch for the iPhone and iPad is a great, faithful adaption of the title and fans of the series and twin-stick shooters in general will not be disappointed.


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