Sorter Review

By , on May 17, 2010

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4 out of 5


  • Simple, clean interface.
  • Fast-paced gameplay with multiple challenge levels.
  • Pumping soundtrack and OS 3.0 playlist support.


  • Needing to earn Silver medals to progress feels borderline excessive.


Sorter will test your reflexes with its extremely simple and fast-paced gameplay that quickly spins out of control if you don't master a zen-like state of mind.

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A game's addictiveness is often hard to truly quantify as what might be addictive at one moment can quickly become boring in the next moment. Sorter by Albert Omoss almost skips this conundrum by making a game based around sorting colored bombs that can put players in to an almost zen-like state as they furiously swipe the screen to the thumping soundtrack.

Gameplay is extremely simple: Drag and drop colored bombs to the correct bay before they explode. The iPhone's incredible selection accuracy is used to great effect here, making it easy to quickly pick up and fling the bombs without issue. Power-ups are available to help automate some of the sorting, but attempting to save them for when things get complicated can throw you off if you're not careful.

Each of the game's six levels may only add extra colors to deepen the challenge, but the layout also changes and surprisingly these simple modifications are enough to keep Sorter from quickly losing its appeal. You'll have to sort over 250 bombs to unlock the next tier and at some points this can feel excessive, but as you keep playing you'll quickly find yourself locked in to an unthinking zen-like fugue turning yourself in to an incredible sorting machine.

Sorter is an excellent little endless game that will keep challenging you and provides you with six levels of difficulty to choose from and master. Easily recommended for high-score junkies.


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