Gravity Block Review

By , on July 20, 2010

Gravity Block
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4 out of 5


  • Unique 'digital' Labyrinth puzzling gameplay.
  • 40 puzzles to complete with 30 more on offer.
  • Strikingly bold and simple designs.


  • 'Laissez faire' style makes it hard to get serious enough to beat par scores.


Gravity Block pits you against devilishly crafted mazes that will test your timing and ability to wrap your head around an ever-changing environment.

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Gravity Block by Playsteria is nominally a physics based puzzler, but leaving it there would be doing the game a disservice. Much like Labyrinth-clones, players must transport an inanimate block to the exit through a maze of conveyor belts, traps, disappearing walls and warps, but instead of analogue tilt controls all you can do is change the direction of gravity.

The screen is split in to quadrants, allowing you to quickly tap and redirect the direction your cube can fall in. A small delay prevents players from rapidly switching the gravity to bypass traps, forcing players to consider their environment carefully in order to make it to the end. Most puzzles can be easily solved using the 'par' number of moves, however players will need to think laterally and exercise lighting-quick timing to knock moves off this minimum.

Gravity Block's simplistic graphics are absolutely perfect and with nothing more than a handful of block-colored shades and patterns players can absorb the entire screen, easily identifying every element. Even the audio mimics this simplicity, with synthetic strings and tones softly chiming in the background to keep you focused. There are 40 puzzles in total to complete, with your overall score being submitted after completing each pack, however three more packs are already available for purchase.

Gravity Block is perfect for puzzlers of all levels, with open solutions making it easy to complete, yet still challenging to master.


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