Doodle Find™ Review

By , on May 20, 2010

Doodle Find™
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4 out of 5


  • Fast-paced finger tapping gameplay.
  • Clear doodle-style icons.


  • Only Facebook social features.


If you liked Super Search 60 then this is a natural transition, but those new to the game will enjoy Doodle Find's simple style and fast-paced item searching gameplay.

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If you hadn't already noticed, 'Doodle' has been a category located at the top of the App Store game page for a while now and it's simply incredible to think about just how popular a graphical style can get to warrant such a prime location. Doodle Find by KLICKTOCK seems at first like a minor graphical change from their previous title Super Search 60, but a host of fixes and gameplay updates have accompanied their new game, making this an incredible addictive item-search title.

Once you hit the start button you'll have 90 seconds to search for the objects indicated on your grid. As you progress items will continually spawn, possibly even adding to the objects needed to be found which only require a simple taps to clear. To add to the complexity, most items have several alternate looks to them and will even be rotated, making it much harder to simply spot all the similar objects on the field.

The switch to the popular 'doodle' style for the icon designs is understandable, but it's a bit of a shame consider how much character the illustrated icons originally had in Super Search 60. There are basic social features available so far through Facebook, but the developer is working on improving these along with future updates to fill in the game's fairly limited initial release.

If you're a casual gamer on the go then you'll find Doodle Find to be a great App thanks to its fun, bite sized and simple gameplay style.


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