Aqueduct Review

By , on July 2, 2010

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4 out of 5


  • 'Pipe Mania' meets sliding puzzles gameplay.
  • Clever, smooth difficulty progression.
  • Elegantly designed level art.


  • One at a time puzzle unlocks.
  • No iPod support!


Be it a rainy day or a spare moment in your schedule, Aqueduct is a fun, simple puzzle title that's easy to dive in to, but much harder to complete.

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If there's anything that the Kieffer Bros. excel at, it's the polished design work that goes in to their games. Aqueduct, their latest puzzle title, shows no less polish and combined with their 'Pipe Mania'-come-sliding-puzzle gameplay it's easy to get addicted.

Each puzzle requires players to link up each faucet with the drains on the level without leaking water. Each tile can be moved within the confines of an open floor-space, while sliding tiles, teleporters, switches and conveyor-belts are slowly added in to the mix to add to complexity. Smaller areas will test your tiles sliding skills for ordering tiles in to the correct position and while later levels are positively devilish, the challenge ramps up smoothly enough to ease you in without too much frustration.

It's no huge surprise that Aqueduct looks gorgeous and with so many other 'doodle' themed games it's nice to see it pulled off with style here. With 140 puzzle to complete you'll also be kept busy for a long time even if you can't knock out the hardest of them. The music isn't too exciting, but by that token it's also not terribly intrusive, however the ability to listen to iPod while playing would have been nice.

Lastly be well warned that puzzles unlock one at a time, so if you do get stuck you'll have no choice but to sit on it until you do succeed. Barring this Aqueduct is a lovely simple puzzle title and definitely one for puzzle fans to sink their teeth in to.


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