Psychoban Review

By , on July 5, 2010

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4 out of 5


  • Interesting isometric 3D Sokoban-style puzzler.
  • Fun dialogue and designs.
  • More updates planned by the developers.


  • No camera options implemented yet. Fairly silent in-game other than grunts.


Psychoban is worth taking for a spin (or a slide) and while most of the game will be a breeze for puzzle veterans, you'll still get a serious challenge from the last few levels and more are planned, so stay tuned.

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Those familiar with Sokoban need little introduction to a title like Psychoban by Dedalord. For anyone that's lost in translation, you'll need to push blocks over the available switches in order to pass the levels in this devious puzzle title. It's a familiar style that has been explored before, but Psychoban adds an isometric 3D twist to make things a little more interesting.

Moving your poor lobotomized patient is intuitive and only requires tapping on a valid spot. Selecting and moving blocks is just as easy and the available positions are highlighted to make things even easier. Movement can be a bit slow, but a toggle in the options allows you to speed things up, making areas with multiple levels much easier to tolerate. There are 50 levels to play through, though the 'Buddy Box' challenges will require some serious noodling to complete.

As you progress you'll traverse through a series of 'laboratories', from a broken down psychiatric ward to a spooky mansion and even a high-tech facility that some gamers may find a bit familiar. There are a few rough edges to the game's 3D isometric world, including texture gaps and the inability to change your view, but these are minor gripes and the design is strangely fun despite the macabre atmosphere.

Fans of puzzle titles might find Psychoban to be a fast title to blast through, but for most this is a fun and relatively challenging title. 


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