Highborn Review

By , on June 3, 2010

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5 out of 5


  • Unique combination of turn-based gameplay styles.
  • Easy to learn style.
  • Simple story full of humorous fantasy parody.
  • Multiple multiplayer game capability.


  • Facebook integration required.


Highborn is a game that knows how to have fun while remaining insanely addictive and can only get better with future updates.

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Highborn by Jet Set Games is a fantasy turn-based tactical strategy and combines some of the best aspects of the genre's top alumni with a healthy dose of tongue-in-cheek comedy. The creators aren't above a bit of fourth-wall action and bless them, they've even included the infamous Wilhelm scream - if that can't win you over, then you might be a bit dead on the inside.

The game's over-world uses a hexagon-grid based movement system, with various environmental hazards providing difficult to move through terrain and even potential cover from retaliation. Each unit in the game has a set movement and attack distance to help plan coordinated strikes against foes, while heroes can also gain special magics from monoliths scattered around the map. Attacking is similar to games like Advance Wars, giving you first strike with a retaliation following if they're capable of one. Various buildings can also provide fire-support to boost your attack and defense capabilities.

Visually the game is just stunning, with colorful Heroes of Might and Magic inspired over-worlds and simply rendered 3D models for the attack sequences. Learning the game will be easy for genre veterans, but those less experienced will need to make use of the in-game help to get a better understanding of the mechanics. Multiplayer is available via turn-based posting using Facebook integration, allowing for multiple games at a time.

And heck, this is only the first chapter of the series! Relatively short, but worth getting on board early.


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