Blue Defense: Second Wave! Review

By , on October 1, 2010

Blue Defense: Second Wave!
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4 out of 5


  • Unique defense style gameplay.
  • Multi-touch controls with lock-on and tilt control options.
  • Plenty of game modes to choose from.


  • Achievements not tied to major social networks.
  • No real gameplay changes over time.


Blue Defense: Second Wave! is a great sequel to what was already a great title and while the tilt controls may be a bit gimmicky, the gameplay is almost second to none.

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Blue Defense: Second Wave! by Cat in a Box Games not only continues the epic saga of Red versus Blue, but it picks up right where the (now) classic Blue Defense left off and has more than a few new tricks up its sleeve.

Much like the first title you're playing through a 'defense' scenario, pitting your planet against the incoming alien hordes that would destroy your world. Depending on the chosen control scheme, players can either tilt and rotate their device to move their powerful cannon around the planet or merely touch the screen to change the aim. Multi-touch features are available to split the firepower in to multiple directions, each one distributing the force evenly, however the ability to 'lock on' and split your stream in to manageable sections is a key strategic method for dealing with your deadly multiplying foes.

There's quite simply no comparison in the visuals to the previous iteration and while the neon-glow style can prove troublesome when trying to determine just how many enemies are left, it's rarely cause for alarm as you can always keep firing until you're sure. There are just too many other modes to mention beyond the classic random wave mode, varying from gauntlet to infinite and even individual levels to practice your skills.

Second Wave! is brimming with features to keep score-hunters happy, though smaller things like the awkward tilt controls and a lack of variety in your offensive weaponry could wear down the enjoyment over time. However, while this may hamper long-term playability, Blue Defense: Second Wave! is still a great title to pick up and enjoy.


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