Robot Unicorn Attack Review

By , on June 4, 2010

Robot Unicorn Attack
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4 out of 5


  • Solid, simple endless-runner gameplay.
  • Designed for maximum hilarity.


  • Always by Erasure is pure, unadulterated ear-worm.
  • Available for free online.


There's no reason not to just play Robot Unicorn Attack online for free, but then you'll wish you had bought the App just to get that ear-worm of a song out of your head - trying not to smile while playing is almost another game in itself.

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If you opened your eyes you'd see that the magnificence of Adult Swim's latest addition to the App Store, Robot Unicorn Attack has arrived to be with you. There will be no shame for enjoying this saccharin offering of rainbows, dolphins and stars, because if you make believe you might catch a glimpse of this endless-runner's Heavy Metal beating heart.

Depending on the control scheme you choose the game can be played in a traditional tap-to-jump mode with swiping to activate your 'dash' or if you're a purist, virtual buttons for jumping and dashing can help to replicate the free online version's controls. You're given three lives or 'wishes' to complete your run, with the sum progress of each becoming your final score. Initially progress is simple, but the game quickly starts to pick up pace and you'll soon find yourself running in to a giant star or a wall.

Robot Unicorn Attack is pink and purple and rainbow sparkles, but despite the initial sucker punch of cute-overload it's hard not to be attracted to the game's constant explosions and even the robotic unicorn carries shades of inspiration from Heavy Metal comics. As a bonus for playing a paid version the game's music is played in a much higher quality than the free version.

If you haven't played Robot Unicorn Attack, I highly recommend you give yourself an afternoon to get it out of your system. It might be hard to justify paying for a free game, but for something that can almost guarantee a smile it might just be worth the hit to your pocket.


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