Magnetic Shaving Derby Review

By , on July 21, 2010

Magnetic Shaving Derby
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4 out of 5


  • Madcap physics gameplay.
  • Over the top random elements.
  • Minimalistic pixel-art style.


  • Can go in to visual overload making it too random to enjoy.


Magnetic Shaving Derby is minimalism thrown in to a blender with a healthy dose of cringe-worthy moments and strangely enough it survives the mix, making this a whacky title to play and enjoy.

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After checking out the screenshots for Magnetic Shaving Derby (MSD) you'd be forgiven for steering clear, opting not to jump in to what clearly looks like a crazy title. Nyarlu Labs have succeeded in distilling iconic and random concepts in to a title that's easy to play and fun to experience.

Players can choose between touch or tilt controls for their magnet, however thanks to the way the physics simulation works neither one is truly superior to the other. Dragging your magnet around the screen will affect the razor blade by slowly drawing it in. It's a toned down effect, giving you a lot of leeway in maneuverability, which is something you'll appreciate as you attempt to keep your combo high while avoiding fleshy areas like the eyes, nose or lips. Nicking these areas will cause you to lose blood and your combo, however power-ups like the ghost or cucumber can make your life easier.

MSD isn't pretty to look at, but it's not really meant to be - I mean, do you really want to be shaving hair off a 3D head while he bleeds and screams in agony? I didn't think so! It's an amusing minimalistic approach and it's all the more amusing to play when fending off various animals or avoiding the odd drooling nose. The chiptune track fits in well, but iPod is supported if you're jumping in for a quick round.

Magnetic Shaving Derby isn't exactly hours of fun, but its madness has a special charm that's worth coming back to now and then - if only to watch the faces of your friends as they give it a go.


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