Wild West 3D Rollercoaster Rush Review

By , on July 25, 2010

Wild West 3D Rollercoaster Rush
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3 out of 5


  • Additional intricate solo challenges.
  • Detailed and varied locations.
  • Lots of levels to unlock.


  • Stiff controls.
  • Physics engine works against the player.


It's great to see the Wild West breaking out from the Rollercoaster Rush series, but without more tweaking it's an exercise in frustration, not fun.

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Digital Chocolate have had a good run with the 3D Rollercoaster Rush series, adding a few different themes and other basic changes along the way. 'Wild West' is the latest in the series, but instead of the fast-paced thrills of its previous incarnations, this title has taken a completely different direction.

The game no longer relies on tilt control alone and now allows players to control the forward/backward movement as well as the tilt via touch controls. Players are still in the business of thrilling their passengers on their insane rollercoaster ride, but a physics based puzzle element is also jammed  in and requires players to master balancing their momentum to complete runs in the fastest times possible. Sadly, the controls just don't live up to the job and even enabling the accelerometer again results in a fairly paltry improvement.

The controls aren't the only thing to take a step backwards, with the eye-catching 3D designs of the previous games being replaced with a side-on 2.5D view. Unfortunately it's a necessary evil as the game now delights in throwing players in to segments that also head backwards. The addition of a solo mode does remove the unwieldy weight added by the passengers in the classic mode, but new problems in the form of weird physics glitches rear their head instead.

Wild West 3D Rollercoaster Rush is an interesting attempt at breaking out from the previously formulaic releases, but it's also a step backwards for the series that you won't mind skipping.


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