Revolt Review

By , on November 2, 2010

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4 out of 5


  • Familiar twin-stick action gameplay.
  • Clever use of lighting and artwork.
  • 20 random arenas for the endless mode.


  • Monotonous corridor clearing campaign.
  • No automatic camera turning.


Revolt may not pack the best campaign, but it's more than your average twin-stick shooter and thanks to its upgrade system and random arenas you'll have a solid endless mode to look forward to as well.

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It has been hard to avoid the somewhat excited word-of-mouth lead up to the release of Revolt by Kristopher Peterson and Jaap Kreijkamp and now that I have it in my hands it's not hard to see how it garnered all of this attention.

In Revolt you get to play as 'Guy', a talented engineer and former slave for the mechanical forces that have claimed Earth (yup, it's that old chestnut) and it's up to you to storm the fortress and take down the robot over-mind. The controls will be familiar to those who have played twin-stick shooters, with independent movement and firing sticks, however reloading, weapon swapping and throwing grenades will require holds, taps and swipes respectively.

The game's visuals are minimalistic, but well designed and the combination of smoothly animated models, sharp textures and detailed lighting helps to flesh out the twisting corridors. Unfortunately players will need to control the camera separately, turning it around when enemies are obscured by overhead objects or a bad camera angle and an automated system would have been appreciated.

However the game's real success isn't merely in its relatively short story mode, but in its survival mode that allows you to upgrade between waves as it randomly makes its way through 20 different arenas. Revolt is a rounded out action title that only stops short of including multiplayer and between its campaign mode and endless arena you'll have plenty of reasons to be absorbed for hours.


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