Zombie Wonderland Review

By , on June 15, 2010

Zombie Wonderland
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4 out of 5


  • Zombified action-management gameplay.
  • Cute Minigore inspired visuals and smooth 3D designs.
  • Classic sci-fi background muzak.


  • Repetitive early levels. Takes time to reach the meat of the gameplay.


If you're after a slightly different take on management games with a castle-defense style twist, then Zombie Wonderland might be worth investigating though it does take time to truly warm up.

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You may be starting to tire of zombie-based titles, but think about the poor game-land inhabitants that have to deal with them every day. In Zombie Wonderland by Chillingo you'll have to fend off the shuffling plague as you lend your help to your friends and family to keep their buildings perfectly clean from the putrid green goo they leave in their wake.

Despite what looks like a fairly typical defense-slash-action title, Zombie Wonderland plays more like a management game 'with zombies'. Each building you set yourself to defending consists of various windows for zombies to climb through. As you progress you'll gain the ability to board up or even set an automated turret to make managing the incoming tide easier. Your aim is to ensure that your building is as clean as possible, while of course not dying in the process. Various tasks can be sped up through gestures, though upgrades that are earned through progression also help immensely.

The game's 3D visuals are something you'd almost expect to see in a Sims-style of game while the game's hero and enemies have a Minigore-inspired simplicity to their designs. Zombie Wonderland is slow to progress through and each new area does add more of a challenge, however things don't truly feel like they kick off till you've unlocked most of the upgrades. 

Despite the slow start, things do get slowly addictive, but it can be hard to reach that point while slugging through earlier levels. A fun title if you can stick at it.


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